Work Visa Extension

1. Citizens of foreign countries who wish to work and live in Pakistan can apply on NADRA POVS

2. A Fee of US$100 per person per year is charged for the service by BOI. Only online fee through POVS will be accepted. Any request for refund or adjustment will not be entertained.

3. As per revised Visa Policy, Work/Family Visa will be extended up to 2 years with multiple entries, therefore the request should clearly indicate the required duration.

For extension of multiple work visa apply online on below link
Frequently Asked Questions

List of Required Documents ·

⦁ Company’s covering letter stating the period of visa required and other necessary details.

⦁ Passport’s consisting of three pages i.e, information, entry and last visa page.

⦁ Sponsor details (Company Focal Person Name, Designation, Address, Cell number, Email,)

⦁ CV of the employee

⦁ Previous work/family visa page

⦁ Company's Registration Certificate

⦁ Employment agreements

⦁ Confirmation/ guarantee of the credentials of the expatriates by the company on their letter head.

⦁ Company profile.

⦁ FBR NTN Certificate
In case of any query please contact the following:
Mr. Muhammad Aslam, ,
Assistant Director (Work Visa Facilitation Section),
Prime Minister's Office,
Board of Investment,
06th Floor, Kohsar Block, Pak Secretariat,
Tel: +92-51-9244530